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Yolo Ha Giang, part of Vietnam, Travel, Education and Sustainable Company (VTES), offers SAFE, AUTHENTIC, and SUSTAINABLE Ha Giang Loop tours. Join our high-quality small group tours (max. 12 pax) or tailor-made private tours for an immersive experience. With skilled local riders and guides, you'll uncover the mesmerizing beauty of the Ha Giang Loop by car, motorbike, bicycle or awesome combined tours. As a special offer, all travelers who book our Ha Giang Loop tours will receive a complimentary night stay in Ha Giang city, complete with cosy rooms, excellent shower facilities and a delicious breakfast, allowing you to start your exploration of Ha Giang refreshed and energized. Join us now!!!

Rice field Yolo Ha Giang Loop Tours.jpg


It's a really good deal going on the tour with them (30-40% cheaper than the popular ones). We only had a group of 5 so we could visit more places within just 3 days. When I compared with photos from my friend's, we probably covered the same places in 3 days but 4 days for them because they had such a big group.

Homestays and meals were great. Cozy but you can still have fun. And I had my own room, so it was really a good switch from dorm nights.


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